We carry scythes from two renowned manufactures.

  1. Austrian scythes from the Franc de Paul Schroeckenfux factory follow its tradition since 1540. They are considered the world's best scythes and in our opinion they deserve this reputation. They perfectly fit the ergonomic mowing system. It's benefits include great geometry, hard and malleable steel, great weight/toughness ratio.
  2. Slovenian scythes follow tradition since 1881. The forging process of approximately 20 technological steps ensures maximum toughness. They are slightly heavier than its Austrian counterpart and the edge requires little bit more work.

Although the Austrian scythe is marked as "ready to mow" (Mähfertig), it also requires a bit of work to satisfy the needs of ergonomic mowing. We offer both scythes in ex-factory state and professionally peened, so that you can enjoy perfectly sharp scythe right out of the box.

Based on our 10+ years of experience with teaching ergonomic scything technique, we believe that our offer will satisfy 99% of mowers. In case you fell into the 1% and have some special requirements, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to consult and possibly special order equipment just for your specific needs.

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