"Hand peened scythes ready for easy ergonomic scything"

My name is Dan Mikušík. Since 2002, together with my lady Markéta, we consciously navigate our lives toward closer cooperation with Nature.

In 2008 I was asked by my friends to teach them how to mow using a scythe. Since it is impossible without the right tools, we wanted to group order some scythes from Austria. To simplify communication, I put together improvised eshop system and posted it on my web. Everyone was happy with both the teaching and the equipment, so this hobby of mine developed into the ergonomic scything business.

Since I believe it is beneficial to spread scything even more, I decided to start a limited company in Estonia - Scythe Europe OÜ - with the goal to sell beyond the borders of the Czech republic and Slovakia. Why in Estonia? First of all, I feel like a citizen of the Earth, not one specific country or continent. I was born in the Czech republic. My dad is Slovak. I partially grew up in Ethiopia (Africa). Attended Soviet, British and US schools. Worked in Europe as well as in the USA. And Estonia welcomes new businesses with much lower bureaucratic load on entrepreneurs. Our warehouse is still located in central Europe, in the Czech Republic.

We sell products that are continually tested on our homestead and during our scything classes. They constitute fully functional system for ergonomic scything. Scythes fit the snaths to fit each persons individual needs and fyziology. This is very rare among other resellers. Bad quality equipment gives scything a bad name and people tend to grab noisy motor mowers even in applications, where scythe could be used more visely.

We also add value by offering scythes which are hand peened by us, so you can experience easy mowing right out of the box and save time required for initial scythe preparation.