Bush Scythe Fux 45

VAT included

Massive hand forged Austrian bush scythe. Great for neglected vegetation. Blade length 45 cm.

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This short bush scythe is used for cutting tree shoots up to 1.5 cm thickness. It is also good in very uneven rocky terrain in confined spaces. For example when cutting around new tree plants in forestry applications. We use it for annual mowing of reed and other hard to cut plants in our natural ponds and root sewage treatment plants.

It works well with our Austrian ergonomic snath.

Although the new scythe is marked as "Ready to mow" (Mähfertig) from the factory, it really is not so. In order for it to cut finer grass, it has to be peened first. If you choose the Condition to be "Hand peened", you will receive a scythe with paint removed along the edge, grinded on a water cooled grinder for consistent thickness and hand peened in at least 3 passes.

If you don't plan to peen this scythe, we recommend to use our hard Carborundum stone for regular sharpening. Please never use fast turning uncooled grinding.

FUX Austria

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