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Snath Size S 150 cm Ash Ergonomic

VAT included

Wooden bent scythe handle with adjustable grips. Ideal for ergonomic mowing. Size S - Small. Made of strong ash wood. Quality scythe ring with allen key are included. See the product description to verify the fit.

The bent shape allows the snath to clear your knees while mowing with a straight back. You will enjoy scything much more and you will be more productive. This snath will allow you to comfortably cut grass very close to the ground.

When the grips are correctly adjusted, the snath allows you to take advantage of full range of motion. This increases productivity as you won't swing back and forth as often and maintain wider swing.

Ash belongs to the strongest European woods. It is being used to produce gymnastic parallel bars, tennis rackets, etc.

The grips are ergonomically shaped which significantly reduces the force needed to hold the snath. The snath (in combination with our scythes) is also well balanced. This means that the scythe will rest level without exerting extra effort using your forearm muscles. The tip doesn't sink down, nor lift up.

The connection between the grip and the shaft is secured by milled joint and metal bolt. There is no play whatsoever when tightened correctly.

The included ring allows the mower to adjust the scythe angle based on vegetation conditions.

Standard 10 mm side wrench (or pliers) used to tighten the grips is not included.

How to pick the right snath size?

This is how a comfortable mowing stance looks like.


The right hand could have been extended even more (to relax your biceps).

Here is how you can reliably discover snath size:

Hold some kind of stick (e.g. pencil) in your fist. Stay on a level floor, feet somewhat wider than shoulder width. Both shoulders are relaxed with arms freely hanging. Hold the stick level with the ground and have someone measure how high from the ground the stick is (the lower side of the stick). Measure perpendicular to the ground. This corresponds to the lower handle height while mowing.

In the table below, find the range (ranges) where your measurement fells. Pick the snath size that includes your measurement in its range. Note that these measurements work when using scythes from us. Other scythes have different tang angles and throw off these measurements.

(Example: With Markéta on the picture we measured 75 cm. Size S would fit her with grips adjusted to the max position. Size M would work in the middle position. Size L in the min position. To be safe, we would recommend snath M)

Snath Size Range of grip height - your measurement should fell into at least one of these
XS 46 - 56 cm
S 63 - 75 cm
M 69 - 80 cm

75 - 87 cm 

If your measurement reads above 87, it is still possible to mow with a straight back by holding the snath steeper to the ground. You will have to cut off a small wedge from the snath shaft to maintain a proper lay angle of the scythe.

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